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Biografisch Theater - Photo Angelie Vonk

Theatre in Education

Biografisch Theater - Photo Angelie Vonk
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Do you want to touch others with theatre, media and film? Learn to change the world around you as a maker and teacher on the Theatre in Education course in Zwolle.

Theatre in Education

In brief

  • Top rated programme according to HBO Higher Education Guide
  • Work in theatre and outside on location: travel to all kinds of places in the Netherlands and abroad to work with different communities.
  • Acquire the tools to prepare yourself for a life of development as a leading theatre and media maker
  • Directing, designing, filming and producing with plenty of emphasis on lighting, sound and innovative technologies.
  • Learn to take an enquiring and designing approach to making with design thinking 
  • In our building, which is dominated by visual arts courses, you will develop a broad perspective on theatre: from installations and performances to film, different forms of conversation and presentations

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Become an artist educator in theatre & media

The Theatre in Education course in Zwolle trains you as an artist educator in theatre and media and gives you a teaching qualification. As an artist educator, your teaching will be shaped by your artistry. And conversely, who you are as an artist will be determined by your qualities in working with people. You know which stories need to be told. You are an innovative teacher who understands the necessity of creative thinking and teaches others to adopt a critical perspective based on their own backgrounds.

Through theatre, you can make an impact on others: individuals, groups or society as a whole. That goes beyond a perfect performance. It is a valuable interaction through which you make a difference.

You will discover during the course what kind of maker you are. At Theatre in Education, it is not the case that you are completely shaped by us after four years. On the contrary, we try to ‘switch everything on’ in you so that you can discover your own style and perspective on the profession, which you will use to profile yourself. Firstly by taking an enquiring and design-based approach to learning and making (design thinking). In addition, we focus on entrepreneurship. Whilst at the academy, we will prepare you to shape your professional role. You will follow a learning pathway within our flexible curriculum. Supervised by lecturers and guest lecturers from the profession. And you will build up a network. This will give you the tools to continue to develop your whole life, whatever this profession demands of you. So that you will gain a firm grounding in practice even whilst you are still on the course. Make it your training for life!

After the course, you can use the title Bachelor of Education and you can start work as a maker and educator in theatre in a varied professional practice.

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The Theatre in Education course is also available in Arnhem

The full-time Theatre in Education course in Zwolle trains students to be creative agents of change who use their artistry to reveal and kindle the artistry in others.

Arjen Hosper, course leader

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COVID-19 or not, Theatre in Education continues as normal. The coronavirus measures have inspired us to set up a virtual theatre in which we work with livestream, produce talk shows and present digital products, both for education and the public. We also continue to work with communities, naturally in compliance with the 1.5m social distancing and hygiene measures.

Would you like to apply for the course? The selection procedure takes place partly online and partly live.