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Moving Image presentaties en performances 13 maart
Moving Image presentaties en performances 13 maart Moving Image presentaties en performances

Moving Image

Moving Image presentaties en performances
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • English
  • Enschede

Would you like to study film, while having plenty of room for experimentation and research? Explore the world of film and video at the bachelor course Moving Image, at AKI ArtEZ in Enschede.

Moving Image

Why choose Moving Image in Enschede?

Space to discover

You learn to explore and apply the huge potential of moving images.

Good atmosphere

Study in a small international academic community


Contemporary and innovative study programme

Create and explore

There is plenty of room for your creativity and artistic research

All directions

Our alumni are everywhere. They are independent makers working for themselves or on commission, professionals in the industry, or studying on.

Many professional opportunities

After studying Moving Image at AKI, you will be a specialist in the field of moving image, both as an autonomous creator or as part of a team.

Presenting Moving Image

Study programme in moving images

Moving Image is a unique interdisciplinary study programme which explores the power of moving images and seeks the (creative and conceptual) boundaries in film, video art and other media.   
The presence and influence of moving images via media like smartphones, digital billboards, social media and virtual reality have rapidly increased in recent years. This has created a need for makers who understand the nature and meaning of moving images, who can develop original concepts and who can translate them into emotive images. The Moving Image study responds to that need. Over several years you develop your artistic, conceptual and philosophical skills on the cutting edge of the newest media developments. You become a creative maker with a solid practical and theoretical basis, who explores, extends and convincingly knows how to apply the possibilities of moving images in different forms of (new) media.

Central to the Moving Image course is the assumption that images do not only reproduce a prior reality, but rather actively create new ones."
Sjoerd van Oevelen – Lecturer Moving Image

Traditional film training tends to follow the hierarchical categorisation imposed by the tv and film world, by training you to be a director, cameraman, scriptwriter, etc. In the Moving Image course, we do that differently, so you don't have to choose between the various disciplines. Instead, we embrace the possibilities of these various disciplines and train you to discover your own preferences in them and take a position as a critical maker.

After the course, you may use the title Bachelor of Arts and can work as an autonomous artist as well as a visual designer in various fields of work in the applied sector, such as digital communication, commercial imaging, experimental film, docu-fiction, cinematography and visual arts design.

Get an impression of the academy with this video: