Werkplaats Typografie



The Werkplaats Typografie (WT) curriculum is designed to develop a critical awareness, understanding and (design) approach in relation to (cultural) information and its distribution. Theory and practice go hand in hand.

Perceiving at a Low Speed

Guests are regularly invited to visit the WT to review work, give presentations or supervise workshops. Among these external experts are artists, designers, curators, programmers, cooks and philosophers. The WT is often invited to take part in national and international shows, festivals, events or site-specific projects. Part of the WT program is reserved for collaborating with external clients.

The various curriculum components stimulate to explore and exchange different types of information through publishing, production, presentation and communication, or a combination of these. The course consists of 3 components:

A. The programme is scheduled during the whole year. It includes group projects and workshops – usually supervised by invited guest tutors from different artistic fields – as well as individual presentations and (guest) tutorials. The projects and workshops take place both inside and outside the WT home location, including projects that are developed and realised internationally.

B. The theory component contains several elements: weekly tutorials which focus on close readings and discussions of selected sources like texts, films or documentaries, these sessions are supervised by the theory tutor; a series of presentations conceptualized and curated by the participants, also supervised by the theory tutor; a seminar with distinctive themes and approaches led by guest lecturers; and the articulation, development and implementation of the thesis work, guided by the thesis supervisor. The thesis is a collection of projects that are part of the exploration of concerns and interests in relation to the participant’s position as a graphic designer. The theory component also includes various excursions to art biennials, shows and symposiums.

C. Practice is at the core of the Werkplaats Typografie course, that is planned around the model of the studio. Here the participants develop their individual design practice and work on assignments by internal or external commissioners. The studio practice is supervised by renowned graphic designers who provide weekly individual studio visits.