Theatre Practices



A programme for dance and theatre artists who critically envision their practice through research.

Master's in Theatre Practices
Master's in Theatre Practices

Artistic Research

Seeking to move beyond the binary model of theory versus practice, we acknowledge and encourage plurality in artistic research. The partially residential programme, which has evolved from the former Master of Choreography, sees research as a a process involving practices that are dynamically related, namely, artistic processes, discursive development, documentation of practices and critical positioning in educational and artistic institutions; these are sources for embodied and intellectual enquiry that can perhaps challenge, regenerate and go beyond traditional or hegemonic methods of artistic production and education.

Development and empowerment

The 2-year programme offers the opportunity to design and do independent research in close dialogue with teachers, mentors and guests from the professional field to a carefully selected group of international artists holding Bachelor’s degrees and/or proved professional experience. We aim to challenge, support and empower makers and performers to be self-critical, proactive, and able to sustain their artistic singularity within the broad context of their field and their own trajectory.

The educational strands of Theatre Practices

The programme consists of three educational strands:

  • Artistic Research: where notions and practices of composition, acting, moving, dramaturgy, and performativity are explored by means of artistic making;
  • Writing Practices: Where writing becomes a practice embedded in the artistic research, taking different forms including — but not limited to — argumentative, performative and critical writing;
  • Documenting – Archiving – Publishing: where the artists map the context of their practice and position their working relation to the field.