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Theatre in Education
Biografisch Theater - Photo Angelie Vonk

Theatre in Education

Biografisch Theater - Photo Angelie Vonk
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Zwolle

Do you like to tell and listen to stories? Do you believe art and theatre are important? Do you dream of a future in which you can turn your own theatrical ideas into reality? If so, choose the Theatre in Education course in Zwolle. 

Theatre in Education

In brief

  • Progressive course for innovative theatre makers
  • Learn and create as you research and design
  • During the course you travel a lot to all sorts of places in the country to work with different communities.
  • You learn how to direct, design, film and produce, with a great deal of attention to light, sound and innovative technologies
  • Focus on finding your own style and vision
  • In an environment with various art disciplines you develop a broad view on theatre: from installations and performances to film, forms of dialogue and shows in the theatre and on location

Progressive course for innovative creators

Are you curious about people’s stories? And do you want to learn how to create performances together with them that touch, surprise and impact the world we live in? The Theatre in Education Zwolle course trains you to become an artist educator in theatre and media with a teaching qualification.

After graduation, you are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Education and you can start working as a creator and theatre teacher. You can shape your varied professional practice as an independent creator, theatre maker/director/workshop organiser/panel chairperson in neighbourhoods, at festivals or in the theatre; at educational services of theatre companies, museums and art cinemas; and as a theatre teacher and maker at youth theatre schools or in secondary and vocational education and training.

The Theatre in Education course is also available in Arnhem


COVID-19 or not, Theatre in Education continues as normal. The coronavirus measures have inspired us to set up a virtual theatre in which we work with livestream, produce talk shows and present digital products, both for education and the public. We also continue to work with communities, naturally in compliance with the 1.5m social distancing and hygiene measures.

Would you like to apply for the course? The selection procedure takes place partly online and partly live.