Theatre in Education

Are you a storyteller? Do you like other people's stories? Do you believe art and theatre are important? Do you dream of a future in which you can turn your own theatrical ideas into reality? If so, choose the Theatre in Education course in Zwolle. Here you will be trained as a teacher of theatre and theatre maker.

This is Theatre in Education at ArtEZ in Zwolle:

  • You will be trained as an innovative theatre maker and teacher.
  • You are an ambassador of the arts and you have knowledge of more than just theatre. You are interested in video art, film and visual art.
  • You want to discover, you are curious.
  • You will become acquainted with theatre in the broad sense of the word: from installations and performances to shows in the theatre and on location.
  • The focus is on developing your personal style and vision: so there is a lot of attention for you as an individual.
  • Running right through the heart of the course is the individual research: what makes your work urgent?
  • Lots of practice-based projects and internships: you will make lots of contacts with the professional field.
  • An interdisciplinary environment: you will work a lot with students from other courses.

After your studies, you will be awarded a first-degree teaching qualification and you can work as a theatre maker and/or teacher in education and beyond: for theatre companies, festivals and cultural institutions. You can also go self-employed as an originator and maker of various theatre projects.

Theatre in Education is also available in Arnhem.