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Theatre in Education
Urban Action - photo Danielle Corbijn

Theatre in Education

Urban Action - photo Danielle Corbijn
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

The Theatre in Education course in Arnhem trains you to become an autonomously thinking and innovative artist educator in theatre with a first-level teaching qualification.

Theatre in Education

In brief

  • Top course according to Higher Professional Education Guide 
  • You learn how to use theatre to initiate action in relation to vital questions and social issues  
  • Practice-oriented, challenging and inspiring interdisciplinary learning environment with modern studios and auditoriums 
  • Equality as the starting point, both between students and teachers and in theatre making with target groups in society 
  • Excellent academic career counselling and great job opportunities


After graduation, you can start working as an independent cultural entrepreneur, inventor and maker of theatre projects, for example; as a maker/director/workshop organiser in neighbourhoods, at festivals or in the theatre; at theatre companies, theatre schools art centres; as a theatre teacher and maker in education. 

The course
After graduation
Application and admission
Contact with the course

Theatre in Education is also available in Zwolle.

COVID-19 or not, Theatre in Education Arnhem continues as normal. The coronavirus measures have inspired us to set up a virtual theatre which we work with livestream, both for education and the public. We also continue to work with communities, naturally in compliance with the 1.5m social distancing and hygiene measures.  
Would you like to apply for the course? The admission procedure takes place partly online and partly live.