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Tailor-Made Fine Art and Design in Education
Tailor-Made Fine Art and Design in Education

In brief

    • Bachelor course with exemptions for artists and designers graduating from universities of applied sciences and for fine art teachers with a second-level teaching qualification
    • A first-level teaching qualification in two years
    • Easy to combine with a job
    • Practice-oriented, varied study with many intramural and extramural internships
    • Studying in the inspiring environment of an art academy
    • All the academy’s facilities are at your disposal

Tailor-made part-time programme

The Tailor-Made BA Fine Art and Design in Education Zwolle trains you to become an expert, inspiring and socially involved fine art teacher who knows how to convey their enthusiasm for art in an infectious way.

The study is a part of the four-year Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education course. Thanks to a programme with exemptions, you can achieve a first-level qualification in about two years with two class days a week. The Tailor-made BA Fine Art and Design in Education is specifically intended for professional visual artists and designers graduated from a university of the arts and for teachers with a second-level qualification in drawing, handicrafts, textile arts or visual arts.

Important accents in the course curriculum are:

  • Focus on the connection between visual arts, people and society (“Human Matters”); 
  • Thinking by creating. At ArtEZ, theory of art and culture goes hand in hand with creating; it provides insight into and lends meaning to what you create.
  • Your own art practice as a foundation for designing art education.

After graduation, you are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Education (BEd) and have a first-level teaching qualification for the entire field of education, from primary education to higher professional education. You can work as a teacher in education, possibly combined with a practice as an artist or designer. You can also start your own business as an entrepreneur in intramural and/or extracurricular art education.

The Fine Art and Design in Education course in Zwolle is available as a full-time and as a part-time course (duration: four years).

You can also take the Fine Art and Design in Education course in Arnhem (full-time, part-time or tailor-made).