Music Theatre

During the Music Theatre Master's course, you will combine music, dance and theatre to create your own performances. You will be challenged to test and inquire the skills you have within yourself, in professional practice.

This is the Music Theatre Master’s course at ArtEZ:

  • plenty of space to create your own curriculum and work on your own personal development.
  • further refinement of your skills under the guidance of renowned domestic and international lecturers and guest lecturers.
  • further development of your artistic identity as performer of music theatre.
  • attention to the broad field of music and the various music professions, such as musical theatre performer, teacher, director and maker.
  • a challenging mix of lectures, workshops, study meetings, master classes, seminars and peer sessions.

After graduation you will be awarded the internationally recognised title of Master of Music (MMus) and will have the ability to contribute to innovations in the area of professional music and theatre.