Music in Education


Frans Haverkort
Head of the Music in Education dept. Zwolle


Playing, singing and a passion for music go hand in hand at Music in Education.

This course is renowned in the Netherlands and has strong connections to the region. The course offers an extensive internship network, with links to primary, secondary and special education schools, and vocational and higher professional education, as well as music schools, amateur choirs and orchestras.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Collaboration and an enterprising attitude throughout the course are crucial. Students of the Bachelor of Music in Education, Fine Art & Design in Education, and Theatre in Education in Zwolle all follow a shared interfaculty programme. You will work together on practice-oriented projects in which the relationships between the various art disciplines plays are paramount. This interdisciplinary approach will give you a solid and broad foundation in your future field, whether that is in education or otherwise.

Innovative teaching methods

Several of the main lecturers of the Music in Education course also work on developing new teaching methods. For instance, Leon Vliegen is a method writer in the BeatsNbits team, a web-based internet music teaching method for secondary education. Frans Haverkort is co-author of the most used music education textbooks, such as the digital method Eigen-wijs Digitaal, the well-known song collection Eigen-wijs and the textbook Muziek Meester! for teacher-training programmes for primary education. Mariska van der Vaart is co-developer of the website Duurzaam muziekonderwijs for students and teachers in music education. Lize Reitsma is developing various teaching materials for primary education within her ow company LIMAI.

Developments in the professional field

The Netherlands has an aging demographic which results in a shortage of teachers. This deficit is expected to rise sharply in the coming years. Meanwhile, there is growing emphasis on the benefits of staying engaged with music, art and culture. In the course, you will learn to recognise current trends and use these for your own developments, projects and other initiatives. That is why we attach great importance to research skills and developing an entrepreneurial attitude.