Music in Education


Teaching requires specific talents. During the programme, teaching methods and the practical aspects of teaching will be covered thoroughly.

Through different internships you will experience what it is truly like to work in regular schools, music schools, educational institutions, as well as in choirs and orchestras. You will of course be well prepared for this and will receive guidance and counselling from both your internship host and the programme. With the proper pedagogical and didactic knowledge and skills, you will help students develop their musical potential.

Over the course of your programme, the internships will become more attuned to your interests and future plans. ArtEZ maintains links to primary, secondary, and special education schools, and vocational and higher professional education, as well as to music schools, educational institutions such as Orkest van het Oosten, de Nederlandse Reiso, amateur choirs and orchestras.

Year one through three

In the first, second and third years, you will participate in an internship for half a day per week on average. The internships are part of the majors. Content may differ. One time you may prepare a concert or presentation in primary or secondary education, while another time you may work with pupils on a musical. Of course, you will also provide (a series of) lessons as a single-subject teacher in primary education or as a teacher in secondary education.  

In the joint internship project ‘Orthopedagogical music teacher’ with the Music Therapy and Music in Education programmes, you will work in a school for special education in the second programme year. For 8 weeks, you will participate there in an internship for half a day per week and will learn to teach according to the orthopedagogical principles: music lessons adapted to the special needs of pupils. This is also an introduction to the specialisation for orthopedagogical music teacher/therapist, which is offered as one of the electives in the fourth year as a graduation specialisation.  

Year four

In your fourth year, you will be able to give theory and practical lessons, guide pupils and continually adapt your teaching based on critical reflection. You will complete an internship in the senior years of secondary education. An additional internship week is included in the curriculum, which will have different content each year: an internship that is desirable for the development and requirements of you as a student. Depending on your graduation specialisation and future plans, you will choose a specialisation internship.