Moving Image


During the three-year Moving Image course in Enschede, explore and examine your ‘own reality’ of moving images and all the facets of their impact on both our consciousness and sub-consciousness. You will create films and other moving images and will receive broad theoretical and philosophical training.

carthographies by Wouter Olthof from MOV IMG selected works on Vimeo.

First year: developing your own style

Through practice-oriented assignments you will hone your skills in image and film design and technique. You will increasingly develop your own style in your creations. The theory programmes will introduce you to the history of art and design as well as the history of cinema. You will also work on projects: every year, there are two major Moving Image practical assignments.

Collision by Toms Silke from MOV IMG selected works on Vimeo

Second year: moving images

You will learn how to write and work with screenplays in the second year and will deepen your knowledge of various design software as well as become familiar with sound design. Of course throughout this year, you will continue to work on the development of your own style. The theory courses will increasingly focus on moving images specifically. For example, you will learn more about the techniques involved in image editing and will focus on the philosophy behind moving images. You will also continue to work on producing your own Moving Image projects.  

The Club scene - Dance Police project - (under construction) from MOV IMG selected works on Vimeo.

Third year: graduation

Your own graduation project is the primary focus of this year. You will have fewer regular classroom lessons as you will have mastered a good many practical skills by this time, but instead, and with your graduation in mind, you will receive a great deal of individual guidance. You will also work on your own thesis and become acquainted with ‘Lenses/Networks’, a system that puts you in contact with the professional field and possible follow-up courses. 

Droomveld - short film by Rutger Nijkamp from MOV IMG selected works on Vimeo.