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Jip Bertelink Crossmedia Design 2021

Crossmedia Design

Jip Bertelink Crossmedia Design 2021
  • Bachelor's
  • 4 years, full-time
  • Dutch and English
  • Enschede

Want to become a designer, photographer or art director? Discover the Crossmedia Design course at the Design Department at the Academy of Art & Design in Enschede.

Crossmedia Design

Why choose Crossmedia Design in Enschede?

Grow as a designer

You will become a sought-after designer who is familiar with the entire media landscape and chooses their own place within it.

Space for development

Within the course there is a lot of attention to your individual development and choices.

Excellent facilities

Whatever art form you want to work with, in our excellently equipped workshops you can work with a wide selection of techniques.

One of a kind

Crossmedia Design is a unique course that transcends several art disciplines. Only available in Enschede and internationally highly respected.

Top quality design course

The boundaries between the different design domains (photography, illustration, film, animation) are blurring and the range of possibilities is growing fast. The professional field needs designers who can handle the boundaries and possibilities of the new media landscape and who can make conceptual and visual choices. The Crossmedia Design course is closely aligned with the professional practice of designers and indeed likes to be a step ahead. On this wide-ranging course, you will become familiar with all the different design facets, expressions and media and we will challenge you to identify your own place within the field.  

After completing the course, you may use the title Bachelor of Arts and you will be able to work as a freelance media designer or at a design agency as a creative strategist or art director.   

“Seen some great work at ArtEZ AKI. Crossmedia Design is one of the best courses in the Netherlands. They could definitely be a little less modest." 

Jeroen van Erp, creative director at Fabrique 

Crossmedia Design
Design Ryo Sakamoto, photo Ryo Sakamoto