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Composer for Film, Games & Media

Composer for Film, Games & Media

In this particular main subject, you will learn to compose, arrange and conduct for films and games.


You will compose and arrange for a wide range of purposes, from composing music for a single instrument to composing and conducting for a large physical or virtual orchestra. This will be your daily reality.

You will learn the art of storytelling through music. Whether for films, TV series or games, it is important that you learn to create a long musical piece that holds a high level of suspense for two hours, for instance, during which each second conveys the desired images and emotions.

For games, you will use the latest audio technology and game engines to achieve the highest possible adaptivity and immersion.

Depending on content and budget, as a composer for films and games you will use both live musicians and electronical instruments to record your scores. This could involve you working closely together with musicians from the courses of ArtEZ Academy of Pop Music, Classical Music and Jazz & Pop, and with large orchestras such as the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, for instance.


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