Interaction Design

After graduation

"Whereas humans designed computers and networks to be a part of the physical world, the emerged digital culture is now starting to dictate the design of our everyday environment."

Willem Kempers
Interaction Design Student

After graduation

Upon completion of the Interaction Design course at the Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem, you will have the title Bachelor of Arts. You can go on to work as an interaction designer at an agency or as a freelance designer. Further study is also an option.

Interaction Designer at an agency

As an interaction designer you could end up at an interactive design agency, cultural institute, publisher or design department of a multinational corporation. In the past year, former students have found work with design agencies such as United Visual Artists (London), Philips Design (Eindhoven), Clever-Franke (Utrecht) and LUSTLAB (Den Haag). 

Freelance designer

You could also choose to work as a freelance designer. Some graduates choose to establish themselves as artists in the area of new media arts. The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further study

After your Bachelor’s course you can continue your studies with a Master’s course at home or abroad, such as at the Royal College of Art in London or the University of Leiden. We also have contacts with the University of Beijing in China.