Fine Art and Design in Education

After graduation

"I'm always looking for the essence; for clarity and simplicity. I try to apply this to my teaching as well."

Remco Schoppert
Art and Design in Education alumnus

After graduation

Upon completion of the Fine Art and Design in Education course in Arnhem, you will have the title Bachelor of Education and will have a first degree teaching qualification. More than half of graduates teach as well as working as artists or designers.

Survey of ArtEZ alumni (2013) shows that most graduates go on to work as teachers. This could be through working at a school, in primary or secondary education, or in medium or higher professional education. They teach subjects such as drawing, new media, crafts, art history, art and culture, and general art.

Our alumni do not only teach in schools, but also at arts centres, for example, where they teach children or adults. Some of them also work as educational staff at museums. A number of alumni work both at schools and other institutes.

Independent artist or designer

About half of our alumni have combined their work in professional practice with their work as an independent artist or designer. One of the services we offer graduates is starter guidance, which is advice for setting up your own company. 

Further studies

Once you have graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education you also have the option to continue your studies in a Master’s, for example the ArtEZ Master of Education in Arts or Master of Artist Educator.