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After graduation

After graduation

Graduates of the Bachelor of Design Art Technology are self-sufficient, artistically critical designers who are able to create autonomous and applied work using technology.

Title and diploma 

After successfully completing the Design Art Technology course, you are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Arts. This study can be found in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes (CROHO) under code 39111. The formal name of the course, under which it is known in CROHO, is Bachelor of Design. This CROHO name will appear on your diploma.  

Starting work 

During the course you will get to know the many possibilities in the field and choose your own direction, so the careers our former students have embarked on after their studies vary greatly:  

  • Students who are good at programming sometimes choose to work at an internationally leading creative coding studio; there is a huge demand for creative coders in the field. It is not uncommon for our students to be offered a job by their internship host. 
  • Others have joined a design agency, for example in the field of information design, time-based installations and new technology. 
  • Some started their own design studio or as an autonomous artist. 
  • Yet others have started a collective that organises musical and cross-cultural events.   

Continuing your studies? 

After the Design Art Technology course you can continue your studies with a national or international master course such as the Royal College of Art in London, Leiden University or CAFA University in Beijing.  
Would you like to combine your artistry with a job as a teacher? After the Bachelor of Design Art Technology, you can obtain a first-level teaching qualification in two years. ArtEZ offers this study in both Arnhem and Zwolle.