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Are you interested in computers, programming, web design, games, digital art, UX design, digital music production, photography, film, media art? Do you already know what you can design with HTML and do you already have some experience with uploading to YouTube, editing videos or using a telephone as a creative medium? That comes in handy.

Study during Corona

Read the FAQ's about study information events, admission and studying at ArtEZ during Corona.  

Technological experience is not a strict admission requirement. We find it more important that you have a fascination for digital media and the information society; that you can empathise with others and are curious about the impact of technology on people and society; and that you can look at problems from multiple angles and understand the long-term consequences of actions.   

Admission requirements 

The language of instruction is English. Study material is also available in Dutch. For Dutch-speaking students it is possible to follow the selection procedure in Dutch. They are also allowed to take the tests during the course in Dutch. 

If you would like to apply for the Bachelor of Design Art Technology at ArtEZ in Arnhem, you must meet the following conditions: 

  • pre-university education (VWO), upper general secondary education (HAVO), secondary vocational education (MBO level 4) or equivalent, or lateral entrant with sufficient technological knowledge and skills. 
  • Language requirements apply to this English-language study.
  • You must successfully complete a selection procedure.   


After you have applied via Studielink, you will receive an email from the ArtEZ Student Affairs department. In addition, you will receive an email from the course, containing an assignment, which you carry out at home and take with you to the selection. It also contains information about your own work (portfolio) that you have to take with you. In your application, you should specify on what day you would like to do the selection.  


After applying for selection, you will go through a selection procedure, in which we assess your chances of successfully completing the course. We test: 

  • Your creative ability: your ability to express yourself visually, to work based on observation and concept. We also pay attention to matters such as insight into and feel for colour, form and material and originality. 
  • Your ability to communicate: how good are your communication skills, to what extent are you able to share your fascination and inspiration and do you demonstrate decisiveness and discipline? 
  • Your capacity for critical reflection. Here we are looking for an inquisitive and experimental attitude, an interest in art and culture and a specific interest in the discipline. 

The selection procedure consists of: 

  • An interview of ten to fifteen minutes with the admissions committee. This committee consists of the head teacher, a teacher and a student. The interview is about your motivation and your interest in the field. Foreign students have this interview via video calls. 
  • Assessment of own work brought. Bring as much diverse work as possible. For example, homemade videos, music, sketches, a drone or perhaps even a game you once made.  
  • Assessment of the homework that you were given after registering with Studielink. This assignment consists an investigation in which ways you can use your phone as a mobile production studio. So take the elaboration of the assignment with you to the selection. 
  • Two short assignments you carry out on the spot.  

The selection committee will advise the Board of Examiners whether or not to admit you.   

Selection dates and deadlines  

  • 1st Admission exam 1 March 2021
  • 2nd Admission exam 12 April 2021
  • 3rd Admission exam 31 May 2021

Result and validity 

Within three working weeks you will be notified whether you qualify for admission. If you are rejected, we will try to explain the reasons why. An admission is only valid for the course for which you have applied. If you want to audition for a course or specialisation at a different location, you must register for that separately. The admission is only valid for the academic year immediately following the entrance examination.  

Arrive for the selection properly prepared  

If are you considering applying for the selection, take the Art & Design preliminary course. This will introduce you to the academy and the various courses. You immerse yourself in the degree programme that suits you and work on your portfolio.