Dance in Education


In the Dance in Education course at the School of Dance in Arnhem, the emphasis is on forming your own identity as a dancer and choreographer and dancing with specific groups. You are seen as an individual, with all your abilities. You can develop them the way you want. Through various internships and working on your personal profile, you will learn who, where and how you teach.


First year: Target groups (who you will teach)

By the end of this year, you will have an excellent grasp of how diverse and broad the teaching field is, and will have a better understanding of what your place and influence as a teacher is within it. The emphasis is on creating your own identity as a dancer and choreographer and working with the target groups. This is how you will become acquainted with the multi-faceted field of the dance teacher. You will meet choreographers and alumni and will visit primary and secondary schools, as well as amateur ballet schools.

In the first year, students have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Honours Programme, which is supplementary to the regular programmes of their own Bachelor’s course.

Second year: situations (in which you teach)

Through internships, you will become acquainted with different situations within professional practice, both in the school system and in other institutes, and will be involved in dance days that take place in primary and secondary schools and at ArtEZ as well. You will begin developing long-term goals and building up material for technical dance lessons. You can also apply this to all age groups in primary school as well as the later years in secondary school. At the end of this year, you will present your own choreographic work or dance in choreographies by lecturers in the Dance in Education Event.

Third year: professional roles (learning how to teach)

This is the year in which you begin the process of developing your personal profile within the broad professional practice of the dance teacher and will continue until the end of the fourth year. You will continue working on your role as a dance teacher during your internship(s). From preparation to execution, you will learn to apply everything you’ve learned and quickly switch between your professional roles. You will work intensively on an interdisciplinary education programme for secondary school students together with students from the other teaching programmes. This will culminate in a show to be held in one of our theatres at ArtEZ or at another location.

Fourth year: your personal profile (who, where and how you wish to teach)

In the fourth and last year, you will work on developing your personal profile first and foremost. You will receive the opportunity to intensively engage with different target groups from professional practice in an in-depth manner applying the professional roles. You will organise internships to aid you in developing your profile and will conduct practical research. You will immerse yourself in relevant historical and theoretical frameworks in the research questions, with the goal being to incorporate all of this into a profile piece and profile presentation. You will also help to organise the MiniDansFestival together with students from all the years of the programme.