DAI Art Praxis


“So often, we perceive places as dots spread out in space and our relation to them is one of connecting the dots by drawing a line. The dots remain discrete entities and the lines subordinated to them. A different form of thinking can be posited as follows: the line, the movement itself, takes on the primacy and the dots are but temporary appearances and remain subjected to the lines. How to engender this pure movement seems to be key here”

Researcher, writer and DAI tutor You Mi in her text "Modes of Organization, Caring and Thinking—report on DAI’s COOP SUMMIT 2018”

At the intersections of art and theory

Evolving from an ongoing process of (un)learning which started at the beginning of the 21st century in relative isolation at a University campus located in the woods of the East-Netherlands, the Dutch Art Institute nowadays is an internationally acclaimed program that fosters a variety of praxes at the intersections of art and theory, both seen as un-disciplines. DAI not only invigorates (collective) study of the challenges of the present by means of curating, listening, making, performing, publishing, reading, researching, roaming, thinking, voicing and writing, it is also a “wild space” where we try to actually live together and to develop languages that help us to change ourselves and our communities for the better.

A quite funky temporary art commune

Some time ago the DAI radicalised its already quite resourceful modus operandi, by abandoning the Academy as a building and as a set of predetermined and relatively stable protocols. As of September 2017, the DAI brings the educational process into a wide variety of spaces, navigating between locations, institutions, practices and ideas: mobilizing our bodies,our intelligences. Every month for the duration of one week, DAI’s fleeting community plugs into the so-called DAI Week: an experimental learning environment/think tank/networking platform/theory camp, a quite funky temporary art commune, a soft spaceship carefully landing at a changing variety of cities and villages in and out of Europe. Not to be compared to any studio-based program, DAI’s Planetary Campus is both an improvised, welcoming hub where we are always “hosting and guesting” at the same time, as well as a conceptual space where the curriculum DAI Art Praxis resonates with the world, where art and research are generously shared and complexity can be embraced. 

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