Creative Writing

After graduation

"There are lots of ways to make money as a writer, as long as you know what the options are."

Simone Atangana Bekono
Student Creative Writing

After graduation

Upon completion of the Creative Writing course, you will have the title Bachelor of Arts. Creative writers are writers, teachers or programme makers.

The dynamic professional practice of a writer

Creative Writing prepares you for a work field that is constantly changing as a result of digital developments. Naturally you will be first and foremost a writer, but you will also be able to teach writing courses and literary workshops.
Scouting, editing and copywriting for publishers and literary agencies are also among the possibilities. Just as writing texts and programmes for literary organisations, theatres, art institutes, literary production companies and new media organisations. Finally, you can work as a programme planner for venues, events and festivals.

Independent writer

The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.