international Masters Artist Educator

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela

We live through uncertain times. Regional conflicts, climate change, poverty and underdevelopment continuously disrupt our world. Now we add COVID-19 to this list of crisis that serve to undermine security and global cooperation. Whatever emerges out of this current crisis, our species must adapt to, in order to meet the ongoing challenges. In the words of Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Now more than ever it is time to think and act creatively. This is a time where we need imaginations of how the world could be, and artist educators who develop new approaches through practice orientated research who can make these changes a reality.

Why the international Masters Artist Educator at ArtEZ?

  • Making change possible through Socially Engaged Arts and Education.
  • Experiential learning through field research in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Ireland.
  • Responding to societal issues through art-making and social engagement.
  • Working with local communities on issues of local and international significance.
  • Diverse learning community and pedagogical approaches.
  • Dedicated and highly qualified teachers and educators from around the world.
  • Educators practitioners drawn directly from the international field of arts and social practice.
  • Unique approach to research, combining educational studies with arts practice research.
  • Independent practice leading to collaboration and transdisciplinary.

From Self to Other: the importance of socially engaged art and research

The combined concepts of art, education and practice research are at the core of the international Masters Artist Educator. We compel artists to apply your practice, to promote creative action through artistic research and to analyse and reflect on your methods while doing so. These methods are multidisciplinary and include traditional art forms such as dance, music, visual arts and theatre. But they are also combinations of these approaches, brought together through socially engaged art education. Under this title, we ask you to question why you do what you do, and to explore the relevance your work in regard to how your research impacts on the lives of others and, most importantly, the issues of our time. We invite you to join us and apply your practice research for the benefit of others. To place your own urgencies within the framework of socially engaged practice and test your work in a diverse range of political landscapes: in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Ireland.

As an Artist Educator, you use your art as a vehicle for change. It is not just about your artwork, but about what you can do with it. Upon graduation, you have an impressive portfolio of practice and theory, that clearly sets out you have learnt where the change you will bring about starts. Join us and become an agent of change.