Artist Educator

"If art is to change the world, then artists musts become agents of change.'
John Johnston, Head Master Artist Educator

The international Master Artist Educator (iMAE) is an innovative cross-disciplinary programme of study that aims to utilize the creative potential of the arts to engage with challenges of contemporary life across the globe. The programme calls on artists to develop practice based methodologies that will challenge narratives that serve to promote mistrust and conflict. iMAE draws on the collective power of the arts to act as  a 'learning force' that serves to promote critical education through the production of socially engaged public artsprojects. An iMAE artist educator is a creative activist who uses her/his practice to enable agency and social change.

An iMAE graduate is an 'agent of change' who will pursue their praxis at local, national and international levels. She/he will work within governmental and non-governmental sectors, with individuals and communities. A graduate of iMAE is committed to exploiting the creative potential of the arts to act as vehicle of change.

This is ArtEZ Artist Educator:

  •  An inter-disciplinary programme of study
  •  Seminar topics will be led by a team of highly experienced nationally and internationally renowned artists and educators.
  • Emphasis on increasing practical experience through a consistent engagement with studio practice.
  • Promote the development of innovative collaborative project work across a variety of formal and informal learning contexts.
  • Independent study supported through the development of a community of praxis.
  • A community placement programme will encourage the artist to transform individual practice to collaborative.
  • International placements in the field of development education, conflict resolution and conflict transformation.
  • Fully accredited programme funded by the Ministry of Education and recognized by the DUO scholarship for teachers.  

After completing this Master’s you will receive the internationally recognized title Master of Education in Arts

“As I was standing there: in front of one of the most important decision making institutions in the world, I felt powerful. Powerful as an artist, as one of the people that can make a difference. I feel that artists have a responsibility to support society, to be the missing leg in the chair. We can invoke change, show possibilities and have a positive influence on the world.”

Student Merel van der Velde on field work
Geneva, 2016