Fine Art and Design in Education

After graduation

After graduation

After graduation you will have the title Bachelor of Education and you will have a first degree teaching qualification. More than 50 per cent of graduates also work as artists or designers.

Upon completion of your course you are qualified to give fine art and design classes at primary, secondary or tertiary education. You can also work as an educational staff member at museums, galleries and arts centres, or work independently. We often see that graduates often combine several lines of work in their professional practice.

Further studies

Once you have graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education you also have the option to continue your studies in a Master’s, for example the ArtEZ Master of Education in Arts of Master of Artist Educator. The Master's in SEN (Special Educational Needs), or a Master's in Fine Art or Contemporary Art History can also be interesting.

Alumni DBKV Zwolle

Finally, DBKV Zwolle would like to commit itself more to organising activities with and for alumni. Take a look at this blog (in Dutch) for example.