Academy of Pop Music


"This is the most serious curriculum for such a programme that I have ever seen."

Michael Thaut
Director of Colorado State University's Center for Biomedical Research in Music


The youngest generation of musicians is, to great extent, responsible for their own success, partially due to the diminishing role of record companies. This means that, apart from possessing musical talent, musicians today must also have an entrepreneurial mind set.

Unique and distinctive educational concept

In this age of globalisation and digitisation, music is increasingly becoming a commodity and artists are seen more and more as brands. The youngest generation of pop musicians is taking full advantage of the large selection of open sources and social media to bring their work and talent to the attention of a broad audience. ArtEZ offers full support in this process: from mastering an instrument and gaining technical knowledge and skills to developing a strong entrepreneurial mind set. Further attention is given to band culture, professional skills, theoretical awareness and the professional field. With this unique educational concept, the Academy of Pop Music distinguishes itself from other pop courses in Europe.

Collaboration between Academy of Pop Music and MediaMusic

Your own projects and productions form a key portion of your study. ArtEZ’s Academy of Pop Music works closely with MediaMusic. The two courses jointly design parts of the programme. As part of your career-oriented educational profile, you will work on:

  • Our own projects and productions
  • Projects and productions of other students and/or
  • Assignments within or from the music industry

Through these you will already experience the practical side of your career early on in your studies and learn to recognise and create opportunities for yourself. The development of your content and process will be supported and guided by an international team of lecturers. Students from the Academy of Pop Music collaborate with MediaMusic students on band projects, video clips, app development and album releases, for instance. Alternatively, they may start a business, such as their own music label or a music school. Marketing, sales and distribution are also part of the projects/productions.

PAMM Production company links students and the industry

Third and fourth-year students taking the minors Music Management and Music Economy will work in the PAMM Production Company of the Academy of Pop Music and MediaMusic. This production company is a unique, integral part of the course and provides a link between students and the industry, among other things. An extensive network of partners and clients has been built up over the years. The PAMM Production Company maintains contact with music venues, studios, alumni and other contacts. It organises bands and sessions at Poppodium Atak, among other places, and helps students set up their own projects, including their graduation projects. The Production Company also initiates collaboration between students from other ArtEZ courses, not only the conservatory courses, but also with the Theatre, Dance and Art & Design courses, for example.

Booster Festival

The Booster Festival is organised by third-and fourth-year students Popacademy/MediaMusic, who are taking the minor Music Management. They are working within the production company PAMM Productions under the inspiring leadership of Pim Kokkeler. For the emergence of the festival they work together with, among others, the ‘Poppodium Metropool’, ‘Poppunt Overijsel’, the ‘Burgerweeshuis’, ‘De Nieuwe Oost’, ‘Hedon’ and ‘Popsport’.