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Are you an enterprising musician who enjoys working with others and making your own choices? If so, you are made for the Academy of Pop Music in Enschede.


Apply by 1 May via Studielink. Applications submitted after 1 May will only be processed if there are enough places still available. After applying, you will receive information from the course about the admission procedure.
The Academy of Pop Music uses a  pre-selection. In this pre-selection we will assess the video’s and portfolio you have provided.  If you meet the selection criteria you will receive an official invitation by email with clear instructions, two weeks before the admission exam at the latest.



Admission requirements Academy of Pop Music

These are the diploma and language requirements you must fulfil.

  • VWO (pre-university education), HAVO (senior general secondary education), MBO (level 4) (senior secondary vocational education and training) or equivalent diploma;
  • This course is subject to language requirements;
  • Positive result from the entrance exam, consisting of an audition, assessment of your Portfolio, a motivation interview and a theory exam;
  • We want to know more than just how well you play your instrument. We are interested in what other instruments you play, how you want to use the course and what your expectations for the future are as a pop musician.

Instrumental and vocal admission requirements.

See the admission requirements for each major.

Admission requirements music theory

See here the requirements we set on your knowledge of music theory.

Start training your skills, so that your aural skills, ability to sing from sheet music, notation, reading and writing rhythms and harmonic dictation are no problem. Also train your knowledge of general music theory.

Entrance examination

The audition period is from March through June.

  • Register by 1 May

Via the portal (the link can be found in the confirmation email of your application) you can submit the following: 

  • The completed questionnaire;
  • 3 video recordings in which you present yourself;
  • Lyrics and parts (mandatory for Singer Songwriter and instrumentalist songwriter, not mandatory for other majors);
  • A portfolio containing: 
  • the admission programme
  • CV, biography, motivation, information about band experience, studio experience and organisational experience. How long have you been playing? How long you have had classes and from whom? What other instruments do you play? Why you have chosen the ArtEZ Academy of Pop Music? What are your expectations of the course and the subsequent field of work? Describe your strengths and weaknesses. Add extra recordings, photos, texts, lead sheets, etc. that show who you are and why we should select you.

The audition period is May/June. In case of early applications, we will consult you to see whether the audition can be held at an earlier time. You will receive an email about the exact date and time in advance. The entrance exam comprises two separate tests. The two tests take 30 minutes each.

  • With your band (preferably not with backing track), play a short programme of two representative pieces in varying styles. The Board of Examiners (consisting of teachers from the Academy of Music) will assess your instrument skills, repertoire choice, musical expression and performance. We also test your reading ability (reading notes and chord symbols), improvisational skills, musical ear, performance ability and development potential.

    We expect you to have some experience in pop music and that you preferably play with your own band. You can then really demonstrate how you function in a band.

    Present a good programme, showcasing a range of styles which represent what you have done and what you can do. This is not about lots of notes or a high level of difficulty, but about quality and performance.

    During the admission, we ask you to demonstrate specific elements, for example: improvise, play scales, play a fragment from a sheet unprepared or play/sing a piece by ear. Finally, we conduct a motivation interview in which you can explain your portfolio further.

  • An (individual) music theory exam is taken if you pass your audition and motivation interview. This theory exam takes 15 to 30 minutes. We test your skills with respect to aural skills, singing from sheet music, notation, reading and writing rhythms and harmonic ear. You are also tested about your knowledge of general music theory (intervals, key signatures, scales and chords).

Result and validity

The examination committee advises the Academy of Music's Board of Examiners on the admission. The board checks whether the procedure has been followed properly and ultimately decides whether you are admissible as a candidate. You may be placed on a waitlist. You will receive the results in writing.

An admission is only valid for the course for which you have applied. If you wish to be admitted to a course or specialisation at a different location, you must apply for this separately. The admission is only valid for the academic year immediately following the entrance examination. If you wish to start one year later, you can submit a written request to the Board of Examiners to prolong the validity of the results for a period of one year.