Paying tuition fees

There are three methods for paying your tuition fees: via a digital authorisation, a direct bank transfer or with a Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees.

Digital authorisation in Studielink

With this digital authorisation, you authorise ArtEZ to debit the tuition fees from your bank account at once or in ten instalments. The digital authorisation is only possible if your bank is located in the Netherlands or another SEPA country. If this is through a Dutch bank account it is possible for someone else to pay for you via the digital authorisation. Please note: this person must have DigiD login information to perform this transaction!


In your Studielinkaccount, indicate that you wish to pay the tuition fees via the digital authorisation. This is possible as soon as ArtEZ has made the payment page accessible in Studielink (from mid-June). You will receive an e-mail message about this. In the Studielink step-by-step plan Digital (direct debit) authorisation you will find further information about the digital authorisation. Please note that there is a difference between paying via the digital authorisation and paying via a digital direct debit authorisation. At ArtEZ, it is not possible to pay via a digital direct debit authorisation.

Print out the authorisation to check the tuition fees amount and to know in which months the tuition fees are deducted. You will then receive further instructions on how to fill in and confirm the authorisation via messages in your mailbox and in your Studielink account. For payment in ten instalments, administration costs (€ 15,-) will be charged. Make sure that you have confirmed the online authorisation in advance of the start of your study programme!

The booking dates of the tuition fee instalments are around:

24 September, 24 October, 24 November, 24 December, 24 January, 24 February, 24 March, 24 April, 24 May and
24 June.

Transfer of the entire amount

You can also transfer the tuition fee in a lump sum to the ArtEZ’s bank account. Students who have confirmed an online authorisation in Studielink may still choose to transfer the amount themselves. This does mean, however, that you must pay the entire amount at once. With the tuition fee calculator, you can easily calculate the tuition fee you will have to pay for your programme.

ArtEZ bank details

ArtEZ bank details for Dutch and European students, who pay the statutory fee:

ABN AMRO, Daalsesingel 71, Utrecht
IBAN: NL47ABNA 04450 78 200
state your last name, initials and STUDENT NUMBER!

Please notice: for non-EU students who pay the institutionary tuition fee, ArtEZ has different bank details. You will find them in the brochure for the academic year 2020-2021.

Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees (BBC)

If you pay statutory tuition fees at another institution of higher education and ArtEZ is your second enrolment, then you are entitled to an exemption from tuition fees at ArtEZ up to the amount of the BBC. You can send or personally submit an original Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees to the Student Affairs Department.

Second study

If you are doing a second study programme at another institution alongside your ArtEZ programme, you are entitled to a tuition fee exemption at the other institution. You may request a Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees at the Student Affairs Department.

You are only officially enrolled at the start of the study year after you have met all the enrolment criteria

Debt Protocol

For the Debt Protocol we refer to the appendix of our Student Charter, Chapter 1, Payment regulations.