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What belongs to me?

  • Fine Art

The works of South-Korean Julia Jungmin Park (BEAR Fine Art) are interpretations of her own body and emotions. She describes her work as simultaneously very personal and depersonalizing. They are meant to make the viewer question: what belongs to me?

What belongs to me?

“Art does not have to be practical or useful. For this reason, I chose to study BEAR Fine Art, instead of a course in design. The power of art also lies in its uselessness. An artist can research and execute any idea, without responsibility to the receiver.”

Finding your voice

In the beginning, it was a great challenge for Julia to find out which ideas were important for her and how she could transform them into art. This, according to her, is the essence of the process of becoming an artist: to have a voice and know how to use it.

The road to artistic freedom

“In the first year, we learned a lot about materials and techniques. I’m happy to have that knowledge. Now I know what I can use to materialize an idea. The second year was quite chaotic. We had a lot of creative freedom to start our own projects and I was really forced to discover the stories that I wanted to tell through my work.”

The fascination with her own body became the center point of her work. The ways in which she is attached to it, and the ways in which she can feel alienated from it. Her final work includes an installation of her hair, and herself in the leading role of a video-work.

“Still, I would not say my work is about me. A human being has many different layers. Every work of mine shows just one of those layers. My hope is for the viewer to recognize themselves and question: Of which layers do I consist? What belongs to me?

Bachelor BEAR Fine Art

Experimenting, finding meaning and societal relevance are central to the bachelor BEAR Fine Art. Students work in tutor-groups, which consist of future artists from all different study years. They form a tight-knit community, which in many cases keeps existing, inspiring and supporting each other long after graduation.

Students are guided by prominent professional artists, art critics and curators. After graduating, you will be a visual artist with a voice of their own, and know how your art can add and create value in the world.

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