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Julia JungMin Park

BEAR Fine Art
Julia JungMin Park 4
<Flip Off, ver.2> : 2022

JungMin, also known as Julia is interdisciplinary artist who throws question about perception. Starting with the way ‘I’ perceive ‘myself’, she gives layers to the self figure to understand or misunderstand oneself.

To what extent does she experience her body? Self-figure may be layered and the gap breaks out. Relationship with ‘selves’ is by itself very fluid in JungMin’s work, which can be very far from each other or so close to being merged together. She can be scattered into several layers of body, mind, or perception. She is the one most strange to herself.

  1. <Way to the Most Intimate Space>, 2022, sketch of the installation

JungMin’s practice is to explore her and her layers. In order to do so, JungMin uses different elements of obsession, sense of disgust, overly exposed pretty-ness, physical devotion, and accumulating time.

But in the end, it’s about one person who is I, her, or you.


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