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Routledge Monograph: Arts education in a more-than-human world

Artistic research
Art education
Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics
  • Partner(s): Studium Generale ArtEZ, APRIA
  • Financier(s): Routledge
  • Started in: March 2023

Times are changing, times have changed. The importance of arts and cultural education in bringing about those changes is fundamental. It is up to arts educators and researchers to prepare future generations to address the complex, societal issues of today and tomorrow. But how to enable a socially just and decolonized pedagogy in arts education? The Routledge Monograph: Arts education in a more-than-human world discusses several critiques of the current education system, and formulates fertile alternatives.


Photo by Veronique Steenmetser
Photo by Veronique Steenmetser

The process of decolonizing higher education in a more-than-human world touches on several layers of educational structure: from the physical space of the university, which sometimes reflects colonial representations in its infrastructure, to the hierarchy embedded in classroom representation. This Routledge Monograph aims to discuss critiques of the current education system and propose engaged, relational and ecological artistic/educational tools as antidotes to the colonized and hierarchical nature of traditional forms of education.

Fabiola Camuti and Jeroen Lutters (professorship Art Education as Critical Tactics) are involved in the publication and composition of this book. Expected publication in 2025.