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Shape Changing Textiles

Fashion Professorship
  • Partner(s): AMOLF (physics of functional complex matter), UNStudio, Next Nature Network, Ecomimicry Instituut
  • Financier(s): Regieorgaan SIA KIEM GoCI
  • Started in: November 2022
  • Finished in: October 2023

More and more companies, designers and other creative professionals in the textile and fashion sector and in (interior) architecture are focusing on the development of innovative materials and design processes for sustainable applications. The development of adaptive and responsive textile materials ('shape-changing textiles') is an innovation where textiles can actively change shape in interaction with the wearer or the environment. But what exactly is the potential of these special textiles? And to what extent can shape-changing textiles stimulate sustainable behaviour? 

Image by Pauline van Dongen
Image by Pauline van Dongen

There is growing interest in the potential of shape-changing textiles to promote sustainability.  In this project, Pauline van Dongen from the ArtEZ Professorship of Fashion will investigate the potential of shape-changing textiles to promote sustainable behaviour and a sustainable environment. She will work in close collaboration with the Next Nature Network, UNStudio, AMOLF and the Ecomimicry Institute. From a social, ecological, technical and design perspective, we investigate what happens when textile materials autonomously learn to be adaptive, responsive and interactive, and how that contributes to sustainable behaviour and spaces. 

This is a one-year exploratory study, supported by KIEM GoCI of Regieorgaan SIA.

Check out the video about this research

This research has successfully concluded. Eager to discover the outcomes? Watch this video, where researchers Pauline van Dongen and Anna Jos Wetzel showcase the shape-changing textiles they crafted (hint: it's made from beech tree), addressing answered questions and unveiling new inquiries.