Classical Music


As a main subject, the composing course trains you to be an independent, creative musician. Using diverse techniques, you will learn how to shape and complete your compositions for small and large ensembles in different instrumentations. 

Specific admission criteria for Composing

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific requirements. 

You should give us a general idea of the level of your craft and artistic skills and the potential for their development by sending a portfolio to This should contain:

  • your scores, and preferably also audio recordings, of at least three recent compositions that are representative of your development (preferably files in Finale or Sibelius, PDF, MP3, WAV, MIDI, etc.);      
  • a text that provides an overview of your relevant experiences and opinions when it comes to writing music and what you want to learn during the programme.

During the admission interview we will assess your ability to talk and think about music. Your portfolio will be the starting point and we will discuss the problems, considerations and decisions you face when composing.

Major lecturer

Wilbert  BulsinkWilbert  Bulsink

Wilbert Bulsink