ArtEZ aims to prepare students as broadly as possible for professional practice as artists. Entrepreneurial skills are a necessary part of this.

Classical Music project week, photo: Edwin Goed
Classical Music project week, photo: Edwin Goed

From fashion designers to musicians, from choreographers to architects, more and more artists are establishing themselves as independent entrepreneurs or opting for mixed professional practice. Employed graduates are also expected to demonstrate entrepreneurial behaviour.

Economic, financial and legal aspects

When it comes to education, ArtEZ pays attention to the economic, financial, and legal aspects of professional practice. For example, at the Academy of Music, the required course Musiconomy covers topics pertaining to taxes, forms of collaboration, and contracts. This is elaborated upon in the course Music Management and Musiconomy. In Art Economy, Art & Design students learn things such as how to set up their own business, the fiscal implications of this, and how to deal with copyright. Entrepreneurship is also addressed in various projects. For instance, students are involved in the organisation of their own music, dance, and theatre festivals. Fashion students develop their own collections, which are sold under the name Collectie Arnhem.

Practice companies

Aside from personal projects, students also carry out third-party assignments as part of their education. The educational value of the assignment is critical. Various programmes set up practice companies to professionally carry out these assignments under the guidance of a programme coordinator.

Online starter desk for students and alumni

The ArtEZ & Entrepreneurship online starter desk for art and entrepreneurship (ondernemen.artez.nl) offers assistance in launching small businesses. It also focuses on personal starter advice and concept development. The ArtEZ & Entrepreneurship online starter desk is a Dutch resource and part of the Art Business Centre. The desk is for students and alumni to direct their questions about things like taxes, contracts, legal status, entrepreneurship, employment agreements, and copyrights. Virtually all of the information is directly accessible through blogs, an action plan, publications, literature and downloads. We also track inspiring stories of recent alumni and their search for success and the dos and don’ts of entrepreneurship.

The Art Business Centre facilitates entrepreneurship training at ArtEZ and lays the ties to the labour market and the business sector. Through resources like starter guidance, incubators and an alumni programme, students are assisted in launching their own small independent business. Check out Ondernemen for more information in Dutch.

In their third year, Fashion Design students develop Collectie Arnhem