Structural Engineering



During the pre-master, you will work out the technical details of a building design and prepare it for execution. 

You will follow all the steps needed to turn a preliminary design into a full-fledged tender document. All the aspects required to be able to understand and get to grips with a building will be taught in different ways.

During the first part of the programme, you will take lectures in construction and building physics, carry out short assignments on the construction process and structural engineering and take a computer drawing course. We will also be visiting several construction sites. In the second and final part of the programme, all the technical elements will be brought together in completing the design for the final review.

The following elements will be covered:

  • Construction theory
  • Building physics
  • The construction process
  • Structural engineering
  • Building Decree test
  • Sustainable systems
  • Architectural detail

During the Architecture Master's course, you will also follow a modified programme with regard to certain elements in order to further enhance your technical competence.


The lecturers all work in construction practice. The team consists of architects, structural engineers and a construction expert, all with many years of experience in the construction industry.