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Structural Engineering

  • Pre-master's
  • 6 months, part-time
  • Dutch
  • Arnhem

Keen to take the Architecture master's course but still have insufficient knowledge of structural engineering? If so, you can follow the Structural Engineering pre-master's course first. The pre-master's course can also be taken as a minor during your bachelor's course. 

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Structural Engineering

Why choose the pre-master's course Structural Engineering?

Prepare for a master's course in Architecture

After completing the pre-master's course, you will know if you are eligible for admission to a master's course in Architecture.

Develop your building skills

Focus on building technology, building physics and construction.

From idea to tender

Learn how to get from a preliminary design to a fully-fledged tender document.

Lecturers from the field

You will be taught by experienced lecturers from the construction industry

Part-time course

The pre-master's course starts annually in September and runs until mid-January: teaching day is Friday.