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Young Talent Class

Young Talent Class

The Young Talent Class is a multi-year preparatory course and is intended for exceptional talent from the age of 10 up to the (pre)final year of HAVO/VWO, the 3rd class of VMBO-T or the last year of MBO-4b in the Jazz and Classical Music disciplines.

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How you start

You follow a first introductory lesson in which the head course teacher of the Academy determines whether you can do an admission audition.

If the entrance audition is successful, you will follow major subjects and theory classes within the Academy, you will participate in recital evenings and the working days of the preliminary training. Wind instruments, strings and singers receive piano accompaniment.

Participation in competitions is encouraged from the Academy.

Photo: Yuri Keukens


The Young Talent Class is not an officially funded education. ArtEZ has drawn up attractive rates for young talents:

  • 30 major subject classes of 45 minutes each and 20 theory lessons of 75 minutes each per year
    € 1.475
  • 30 major subject classes of 60 minutes each and 20 theory lessons of 75 minutes each per year
    € 1.590

Application & Admission

You need permission to follow the preliminary training.
This consists of 2 parts:

1. Theory test

In the entrance test for theory, it is checked whether your musical ear in particular is sufficient to be able to start the preliminary training. You get a series of simple exercises for this:

  • Singing a tone
  • Singing a melody
  • Clap a rhythm
  • Hear how many tones are sounded at the same time

Notation is also used. For example, you will see a melody and then hear a slightly different melody. You will be asked where the deviation is. In addition, you may be asked to perform simple sheet rhythm patterns.

In principle, you do not need to prepare anything for this test. One point of attention: you must be able to read a bit of music. If you are not yet able to, you must teach yourself before the test, possibly with the help of your teacher.

2. Audition for Admission

  • You prepare three works from different style periods, including at least one etude.

    Specific admission requirements for singing Classical Music:

    • You have a good, clean singing voice that is of course young and growing, just like you!
    • Ideally, you can already read music well and play an instrument.
    • You can already communicate well and tell your 'own story'.
    • You sing repertoire appropriate to your age and experience.
    • You sing in 3 different languages.

    Repertory suggestions:

    Dutch songs by e.g. A. M .G. Schmidt, classical musical songs, Bergerettes, English Folksongs (by e.g. B. Britten), Songs from 'das Lied im Unterricht ', Children's songs by P. Dessau, one of the simple arias from Arie Antiche, a spiritual song and a short vocalise by Vaccai or Sieber.

    You also prepare a short poem. Everything you sing and recite is done by heart.

  • For the solo audition you have to prepare 3 pieces of your choice, different in atmosphere and tempo, including at least one with a band.

The ArtEZ course conditions apply to all preparatory courses.


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