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Planning to do an admission and could you use some extra training for the theory exam? Then sign up for this Crash Course in Music Theory and ear training. After the course you are better prepared for the music theory exam, which is part of the admission for the bachelor.

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A training for the theoretical part of the entrance exam. You can follow this course if you are already familiar with the most elementary concepts of general music theory.


During the classes you will train your skills in the field of hearing, sheet singing, notation, reading/writing rhythms and harmonic hearing. In addition, you train your knowledge of general music theory and requirements of the theory exam for the bachelor are discussed.

The following is recommended for your preparation:
Algemene muziekleer van Bernard Nelleke, chapter 1, 2, 8 until 11, 18 until 21 or Tipboek: Muziek op papier, chapter: 2 until 4, 5, 10 until 13.

Dates 2022

The course will start on the February 3rd, 2022. Classes start at 17:00.

From February 3rd on, there will be a two-hour lesson every Thursday. The course lasts 10 weeks.


€ 300 (including copies and practice material)

Cancellation: Registration is valid for the entire course. Due to the short duration of the course, early termination is not possible and no refund of tuition will take place.