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Neurologic Music Therapy Fellowship Training



The NMT Fellowship training is an intensive programme for music therapists to demonstrate their skills in neurologic music therapy.

Dr. Corene P. Hurt-Thaut will offer a Neurologic Music Therapy Fellowship training on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 of May 2020. This Fellowship is the succession training of the NMT-training. It will be offered to those clinicians and music therapists who received there NMT-certificate and have been working in their daily practice with the various NMT-techniques. The training will be held in English.

The NMT Fellowship Training is an intensive programme which begins with a review and update of current research and clinical practice. Participants are then required to present video examples demonstrating their current clinical work using three different NMT techniques.

Course Objectives

  • Participants demonstrate a basic definition and advanced knowledge about the implementation of neurologic music therapy (NMT), including the taxonomy of techniques used in NMT through verbal and video demonstration.
  • Participants demonstrate an increased knowledge of current research supporting NMT techniques as evidenced by clinical choices based on current best practice.
  • Participants demonstrate thru live video, a working knowledge of the Transformational Design Model; a model to assist in treatment selection based on functional goals.
  • Participants will be actively demonstrate current clinical assessments for treatment evaluation.
  • Participants will answer basic neuroanatomy and pathology questions related to a variety of neurologic disorders.

Download the Training Schedule (will follow).

What to Prepare


  • Bring three (3) video-examples of three (3) different NMT techniques you used with your clients and/or patients. These techniques need to be from at least two (2) of the three domains (e.g. sensorimotor and cognition). The recordings should be no more than one (1) year old. The presentation should be 5-10 minutes in length. Be prepared to provide the diagnoses and background of the client, as well a the functional goal(s) you are working on. Remember: You are responsible for having the proper institutional and/or client releases.


  • Bring three (3) video-examples of three (3) different NMT techniques you taught to your students (e.g. that includes explanations, demonstrations, and student facilitation with instructor feedback). These techniques need to be from at least two (2) of the three domains (e.g. sensorimotor and cognition). The recordings should be no more than one (1) year old. 

Download the complete Preparation for NMT Fellowship


A peer review evaluation will be completed by all participants. Participants will be informed within two weeks after the training whether they have passed, or whether they need to resubmit one or more of their clinical examples based on a 70% majority vote. If the participant is successful, he/she will be listed in the NMT Fellowship register for 5 years.

Recommended materials

For a thorough preparation the following book is advised: Michael H. Thaut & Volkert Hoemberg (2014). Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy, Oxford University Press.


A certificate for this Fellowship in neurological music therapy is issued by the Robert Unkefer Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy, endorsed by the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation, and recognized as advanced continuing education training by CBMT. 


The NMT-fellowship training is worldwide recognized and accredited (also by Nederlandse Vereniging van Muziektherapie (NVvMT)Federatie Vaktherapeutische Beroepen (FVB)Stichting Register Vaktherapeutische Beroepen (SRVB). For Dutch music therapists the SRVB registration is expected to accredit the training.