Neurologic Music Therapy Fellowship Training

The NMT Fellowship is for graduated music therapists who have already completed the Neurologic Music Therapy Training. 

This is the Neurologic Music Therapy Fellowship Training at ArtEZ:

  • Deepening of the application possibilities of neurologic music therapy.
  • Main principles, most recent research results, anatomy and specific methods of the NMT are covered.
  • The training will be held in English by Dr. Corene Hurt-Thaut on Saterday 25 and Sunday 26 of May 2019. There will be an additional (Dutch/German speaking) NMT-Fellow (staff ArtEZ) present to help with translation.

It will be offered to those clinicians and music therapists who received there NMT-certificate and have been working in their daily practice with the various NMT-techniques. 

Dr. Corene P. Hurt-Thaut