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Critical Fashion Practices

  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

Clothes and fashion can take many shapes. However, the dominant form of fashion is industrial fashion. This industry is booming, but it comes at a high price. In the master’s course Critical Fashion Practices, you explore alternative, non-industrial modes and frameworks for making, doing, seeing and experiencing fashion and clothes. You will develop your critical fashion practice and redefine what fashion means in our social, cultural and economic realms.

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Critical Fashion Practices

Why choose the master’s course Critical Fashion Practices?

Discover fashion’s transformative capacities

Join us and become part of a community of independent, curious, and optimistic individuals working to build a critical fashion practice and create a more equitable fashion industry.

Diverse and engaging curriculum

This master's course has a project-based curriculum. You'll work with diverse students, gain valuable skills, and prepare for your career.

Define your own research route

You can formulate, explore, and refine your research objectives.

Learn from leading critical fashion practicioners

You receive guidance from leading critical fashion practitioners and other professionals from the field of fashion, art and, design.

Express your research and ideas in your way

You explore various strategies: writing, podcasting, publishing, activism, reading groups, colloquia, curation, and performance.

Interdisciplinary learning community

You get to venture among a network of participants, (guest) tutors, the Fashion Professorship and other master’s courses and professorships.

Exploring alternative forms of fashion

Alternatives to the polluting fast fashion industry are popping up left and right, but we still need to question the fundamental workings of this toxic industry. Aren't most new 'green' or 'diverse' initiatives geared towards easing our minds into guilt-free (fashion) consumption? Shouldn't we fundamentally rethink the concept of fashion, clothes and its values instead?

In the master's course Critical Fashion Practices, you will unlearn imposed modes of production-consumption and move beyond the fashion constraints determined by the traditional fashion industry. You will develop your critical fashion practice, disrupt conventions, challenge beliefs and stir change within the fashion system.