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Critical Fashion Practices

  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Arnhem

The ArtEZ Master Critical Fashion Practices is a two-year course where we examine where fashion lives beyond the cloth – for example in language, networks and spaces – and explore how fashion can play a fuller role in the production of real social, cultural and economic alternatives, moving towards a more honest and equitable reality for everyone involved. What kind of language is needed? How should we organize ourselves? What kind of networks can we embody?

Critical Fashion Practices

In brief

  • Build up a critical fashion practice together with other independent, curious, and critical optimists
  • Discover fashion’s transformative capacities and contribute towards a more honest and equitable fashion reality
  • Project based curriculum: working collaboratively on several group projects with students from varied backgrounds
  • Freedom in formulating, exploring, and refining your own research objectives
  • Guidance by leading critical fashion practitioners and other professionals from the field of fashion, art and, design
  • Explore a variety of strategies: writing, podcasting, publishing, activism, reading groups, colloquia, curation, and performance
  • Interdisciplinary learning community consisting of students, (guest) tutors, the Fashion Professorship, the Centre of Expertise Future Makers and other ArtEZ Master courses and professorships

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Diverse thinking in fashion

Want to know more about the focus of the Master Critical Fashion Practices? Listen to the Podcast Loose Fit - about diversity in fashion about inclusivity, diversity and a more embodied way of fashion, recorded during the two-day conference Fashion Colloquium, Searching for the New Luxury (31 May - 1 June 2018) in Arnhem – and to the Diversity Stories Podcast, in which master students Hester, Chet and Chinouk talk about autocracy and gender binary in fashion and institutions.

Critical Fashion Practice

Within the Master Critical Fashion Practices at ArtEZ, we support students in setting up and developing their own critical fashion practice, involving social enquiry, activism and attesting to exploitation or injustices apparent in industrial practice. Within this critical fashion practice programme, we believe in the possibility of multiple fashion systems, and together we explore alternative, non-industrial modes and frameworks for making, doing, seeing and experiencing fashion.

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