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After graduation

After graduation

During the master’s course Critical Fashion Practices you build up a critical fashion practice and portfolio you can use in your professional life. It contains unique contexts and agendas, which will help in the professional world or when applying for the funding of projects. Once graduated, you are prepared for the complex reality of your role as a critical practitioner within the ever-changing field of fashion.

Challenging systems

During the Critical Fashion Practices course, students are challenged to think of ways in which they can intervene and disrupt the existing systems of fashion and adjust these systems from within. By challenging the capitalist, disembodied, and unsustainable nature of many of fashion’s systems, our graduates break down many of fashion’s enclosures.

The search for affirmative alternatives that lies at the heart of our course, strongly shapes where you position yourself as a graduate. Concretely, this means that our graduates often work as independent, critical practitioners within fashion and more broadly in the field of art and design. They set up their own practices, which span from performance artist, gallerist and fashion activist to design researcher and fashion publisher. As a Critical Fashion Practices alumnus, you forge strong connections with educational and cultural institutes.

Alumni community

The ArtEZ master’s in Critical Fashion Practices keeps close contact with alumni of the programme. After graduation, they often visit the programme as guest lecturers or workshop hosts. As a graduate, you remain part of our learning community. You have access to our facilities such as the Critical Fashion Practices library, and you are able to receive professional advice from the programme tutors when it comes to funding and residency applications.

Gradually, I got opportunities to venture outside ArtEZ, during and after the course. Thanks to this master's course, I now have a network of professionals, contribute to international fashion colloquia and organise workshops for other critical fashion practitioners."

CHINOUK FILIQUE DE MIRANDA, alumna generation 28

Title and diploma

Upon successful completion of the master’s course Critical Fashion Practices, you are entitled to use the academic title Master of Arts (MA).

This course can be found in the Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO) by the code 49114. The formal name of the programme under which this course is CROHO registered, is Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design. This CROHO-name will be on your diploma.

Graduation project by Lun Lin
Graduation project by Lun Lin