Curatorial Practices in Music

The word ‘curator’ crops up ever more often in the world of music. Curators devise playlists or programme festivals, conceive special projects or work with care institutions. So many interpretations of the role are possible that it seems no one any longer knows exactly what it involves.

ArtEZ is exploring that space to collectively and individually redefine what it means to be a music curator. What does the work of a music curator involve? How can you use curatorship to strengthen your own music practice from the inside? Which values and functions of music would you like to explore and develop?

Under the title Curatorial Practices in Music, ArtEZ will be offering two courses, ideally to be taken consecutively but also available separately:
1.       Curatorial Practices: Defining Your Vision (September-February)
2.       Curatorial Leadership and Management (March-June)
The courses are aimed at creative musicians and programmers in all genres who, after several years in music practice, wish to explore the potential of music and deepen their professional practice with reference to the current social context.

This is Curatorial Practices in Music at ArtEZ:

  • Inspirational guest speakers present good practices and, who knows, perhaps epic failures.
  • Exchange views with experts and colleagues on current issues in the areas of curating, diversity, audience development and new formats.
  • Transform your own music practice based on a broad musical and social context.
  • Strengthen your network and put your ideas into practice.
  • Course at Master level.