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Curatorial Practices in Music

Curatorial Practices in Music

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Curators program festivals, conceive projects from their own music practice or collaborate with community organizations. In this course you explore what it means to be a music curator.

Curatorial Practices in Music

In brief

With confusion and uncertainty reigning, there is a significant need in the music industry to rethink relationships between music and audience, develop new hybrid formats with corresponding financial structures, and connect activist and artistic goals. That is where good curatorship comes in handy. But what exactly is 'the curatorial' in music? ArtEZ is exploring ways to redefine collectively and individually what it means to be a music curator. What does the work of a music curator involve? How can you use curatorship to strengthen the core of your own music practice? Which values and functions of music would you like to explore and develop?

This is Curatorial Practices in Music at ArtEZ:

  • Inspirational guest speakers present good practices and, who knows, perhaps epic failures
  • Exchange views with experts and colleagues on current issues in the areas of curating, diversity, audience development and new formats
  • Transform your own music practice based on a broad musical and social context
  • Strengthen your network and put your ideas into practice
  • Two programmes: Defining your Vision and Curatorial Leadership and Management
  • Course at Master level




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