Curatorial Practices in Music

Practical information

Practical information


The program consists of two parts that can be followed independently of each other:

Part I: Defining your Vision

  • 13 sessions on Tuesdays from 16.00 - 21.00 hours, and one bonus session from 13.30 - 15.30 hours.
  • period: October - February: II March-June: 

Part II: Curatorial Leadership and Management

  • 14 sessions on Tuesdays from 16.00 - 21.00 hours
  • period: March - June 2020


ArtEZ Academy of Music Zwolle


€ 750,-

Admission requirements

Completed bachelor course at university or university of applied sciences level and several years experience with working in the field of music. An additional requirement for admission to part II, Curatorial Leadership and Management, is that you describe a program idea, to be worked out in a project plan during the course. Describe (in appr. 1 A4) a complex but (somewhat) realistic project that you (ever) want to implement, in collaboration with at least two (yet to be selected) partners.


If you pass the course, you will receive a certificate, which is worth 5 EC (for each module).