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Image made for the Community Research Programme

Community Research Programme

Image made for the Community Research Programme
  • Lifelong learning
  • 12 weeks
  • English
  • Amsterdam

This summer, ArtEZ offers a new Community Research Programme, executed in close collaboration with Cultural Centre Pakhuis de Zwijger (Amsterdam), titled: Designing Cities for All. We are inviting a maximum of 7 students to enroll for this initiative. During this programme you will be intellectually challenged to conduct, under supervision, embedded research in a creative and critical community in the outskirts of the city of Amsterdam – New West.

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Community Research Programme

In brief

At the studio location in Amsterdam New West, we offer a variety of inspiring (outdoor and indoor) workshops, urban tours, artist dialogues and local community and resident meetings. The research and learning activities of this 12-week part-time programme include: a temporary studio space in Amsterdam-West, a research-exhibition opportunity to organize your artistic research, workshops with international and local experts, online and off-site supervision to work on your research essays and a possible publication opportunity. Upon completion, you receive a Certification of Participation (Advanced Studies, ArtEZ).

This programme is part of the NOW/SIA research funding Creatief Talent Werkt/Innovatief Traineeship.

About Designing Cities for All

In 2021, Pakhuis de Zwijger launched a socially engaged and interdisciplinary urban design programme: Designing Cities for All (abbrieviated: DCFA), with support from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund NL. A period of learning and unlearning about inclusive design, and, consequently, exclusion by design: the notion that almost everything around us was once designed, by people – often with a certain social, financial and educational status – who have blind spots; because that’s simply how people work. As a result, people unlike those designers are often left out of the design, making it inherently exclusionary.

Broaden your view beyond the human

One of the main lessons during DCFA  was that to actually design 'for all', we have to broaden the view beyond the human. Perpetuating systems in which people can only thrive at the expense of other living beings is neither sustainable nor just. A city 'of, for and by everyone' is not enough; we must focus on a city of, for and by all (living) things.

Are you ready to help DCFA find the blind spots in social design and communicate it to the public through art and (re)design?

A better society for everything and everyone

Nature inclusion (or ‘inter-being design’) and regenerative design are the overarching themes during the brand new DCFA series in 2023/2024: Designing Cities for All: RE-generation. This programme aims to educate (future) designers in the broadest sense of the word (architects, graphic and visual designers, spatial designers, game designers, product designers, art and tech students, but also policy makers, artists, planners and urban planners, curators, citizens' initiatives, civil society organizations, 'city makers' and so on) fresh, intersectional and interdisciplinary insights. It also provides tools to improve the city and society, not just for everyone, but for everything.