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After graduation

After graduation

The Crossmedia Design course in Enschede prepares you to work as a freelance designer or as an art director, creative strategist or media designer with an agency, publishing house or broadcaster. In addition, you can continue your studies with a national or international master course.  

Title and diploma  

After successfully completing the Crossmedia Design course, you may use the title Bachelor of Arts (BA).  

This course may be found in the Dutch Central Register of Courses in Higher Education (CROHO) under code 39111. The formal name of the course, under which it is known in CROHO, is Bachelor of Design. This CROHO name will appear on your diploma.  

Starting work 

 With your diploma, you can start work as an art director, creative strategist or designer with a large design agency, a publishing house or a broadcasting company. You can also specialise as a photographer, interactive or graphic designer, or work as a freelance visual artist or cross-media designer.    

Continuing your studies?  

After the design course, you can also go on to take a national or international master course. For example: DAI Art Praxis (ArtEZ), Fine Art/Media Design (HEAD, Geneva), Artistic Research (KABK, The Hague), Information Design (Design Academy Eindhoven) or Costume Design (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp). 

If you want to obtain a first-degree teaching qualification, choose the Tailor-Made BA Fine Art and Design in Education course at ArtEZ. This course is offered in both Zwolle and Arnhem. 

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