Theatre in Education


I don't see the actor as a performer. Acting is a creative process. For me, the actor is also the artist

Boris Saran
Theatre in Education lecturer


If you follow the Theatre in Education course in Zwolle, you will be trained as an innovative and committed theatre teacher and theatre maker who is at the heart of society. You are a storyteller and a connector.

Human presence

The human being is always present in the work of the theatre teacher. The human being presents as sincere, honest, unpolished, connected to others, in thoughts, in the narrative, in proximity, playing, talking, acting, shaped or vulnerable.

You make people think with what you have made. A theatre teacher has a good eye for what is going on in the world, has a great interest in others and searches for stories that need to be told. The theatre teacher is able to turn this into a visual, theatrical product.

During the course, you learn to think independently, critically and entrepreneurially and to be aware of your environment and ongoing debates within society. To this end, we offer you a multidisciplinary learning environment. For instance, you will be taught to work with modern techniques and technologies such as video mapping (large projections) and sound design. Alongside performances, you will also create theatrical installations and organise dinners and happenings at various locations within and outside the theatre. On various projects you will also work with students from other arts courses, including students of Art & Design and the Academy of Music. While working together, you will become familiar with artistry in the broadest sense of the word and learn to work within a different dynamic.

Independent students on an Intensive course

If you choose this course in Zwolle, you need to be behind it 100%. The course is tough, in the sense that it demands every part of you. The course is looking for independent students who know why they are choosing theatre in education as a profession. We are looking for students who take the course because they want to learn, are curious and want to discover. Within the integrated education of the course, the students independently search for their own learning pathways. On that basis, you build the extensive package of skills you need to have as a theatre teacher.

Why Zwolle?

Zwolle is a city where more and more is happening. You will be supported by the city in developing your talents both during and after the course. For instance, Theatre in Education Zwolle works with the Zwolle theatres in the Theaterlab. You can take part in masterclasses, conferences and debates. Performances put on by the course are also programmed by the Zwolle theatres and you can go to all the performances for free. After you graduate, you may be awarded a creator grant and a workspace for two years. That way, you can get started as a theatre maker right away.