Theatre in Education

After graduation

After graduation

After the Theatre in Education course in Zwolle, you will be able to use the title Bachelor of Theatre in Education (BEd). You will have a first-degree teaching qualification in the subject of theatre, enabling you to work as a theatre teacher or theatre maker, for example.

After your Theatre in Education course

You now have many options. You can now start work as an independent cultural entrepreneur. Theatre teachers work with many different people in many different places -as theatre makers putting on local neighbourhood performances, performances at festivals or in theatres. You can work as a theatre teacher and maker within education at arts centres, or for educational services linked to theatre groups and museums. As a public engagement officer for theatres.

Own business

Often a theatre lecturer is an independent entrepreneur who works with different people in different places. The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further study

After your Bachelor’s course, you can continue your studies with the ArtEZ Master of Education in Arts, the Master of Theatre Practices or the Master of Artist Educator, among other options.