Theatre in Education



For the Theatre in Education course in Arnhem, ArtEZ is looking for independent and driven people who want to inspire and develop others through teaching and making theatre. In addition, you have to meet certain qualification and language requirements.

Theatre in Education admission criteria

  • Applicants must have completed VWO, HAVO, MBO (level 4) or the equivalent.
  • International students must meet certain language requirements.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed the entrance examination. During the entrance examination, we assess your chances of completing the course successfully.

Language requirements

All our courses have language requirements. You will need to prove your language proficiency by handing in a certificate stating your level. The level for Theatre in Education is:

          • B2, before 31 August. If you need a residence permit to study at ArtEZ, the delivery deadline
            is 31 May! 

Check exemptions and language programmes.

Entrance examination

The intensive selection procedure consists of 2 rounds. After the first round you hear if you are selected for the second round. During the selection procedure your aptitude, interest and attitude will be assessed. We will also determine whether you have sufficient potential to further develop yourself artistically and whether you have the basic skills in all these areas to complete the programme within four years. The selection committee will provide its recommendation to the examination committee regarding whether you will be admitted or not.

Selection dates

First round: 18 January 2020, Second round: 27 and 28 January 2020
First round: 28 March 2020, Second round: 6 and 7 April 2020 Postponed until further notice
First round: 20 June 2020, Second round: 29 and 30 June 2020

Result and validity

You will be notified of whether you have been admitted within five days after the selection procedure. During the selection process, we will give you feedback on our assessment of your suitability for the programme.

Admission is only valid for the study programme for which you have enrolled. If you wish to apply for admission to a course or specialisation at another location you must register for this separately. The admission is only valid for the academic year directly following the entrance examination.

Enrolment and fees

Enrolment is done through Studielink. You will then be notified regarding the date that you will be expected at the academy and how you can prepare.