Music Theatre


"A music theatre performer is able to manage music, theatre and other disciplines at will. The study Music Theatre is a makers course in which you make distinctive musical performances, installations and presentations from year 1."

Maarten Verhoef
Head of the Music Theatre dept.


Music Theatre: a performing arts discipline in which composition, text, direction, dramaturgy and scenography are equal pillars, expressed through music (vocal/instrumental/electronic), acting and movement, and design. Music is a dramaturgical component, which is partly responsible for the content. This distinguishes music theatre from, for example, drama, where music is absent, illustrative or more in the background, or from music, which usually involves a narrative or acting.

ArtEZ focuses on contemporary/experimental music theatre. Contemporary music theatre uses innovations from virtual reality, film, gaming, urban arts (hip hop, break dance and spoken word) and pop culture. It keeps with the times and seeks to connect with other domains such as science and technology.

This autonomous performing arts discipline calls for independent makers who are able to initiate both small-scale and large total narratives.

The Music Theatre course offers room for individual, creative, making-oriented musicians and performers, who are able to deploy both theatre, dance, fine art, literature, fashion and music in creating something new: a music theatre performance.

The Music Theatre course functions from the point of view that the music theatre performer of tomorrow will no longer be producing performances or giving concerts based on a single discipline. Music Theatre students combine music and theatrical performative skills in individualistic, socially-committed performances. Music Theatre at ArtEZ trains you to become a versatile music theatre performer within an interdisciplinary environment.

Versatile music theatre performers

As an up-and-coming music theatre performer, you receive both a musical and a theatrical training. Theater directors, choreographers, performers, musicians and composers make you familiar with all the aspects of your future professional practice. In addition to performances in the private spaces of ArtEZ, the course will also utilise both large and small flast-floor theatres, in both indoor and outdoor locations. The projects at school vary: from classical Greek drama to video opera, from music theatre on location to a music theatre performance in a flat floor venue. You will be trained into a versatile music theatre performer for whom collaboration with actors, dancers, visual artists, writers, vocalists and instrumentalists is the most natural thing in the world.