Illustration Design

After graduation

After graduation

Upon completion of the Illustration Design course at the Academy of Art & Design in Zwolle, you will have the title Bachelor of Arts. You will have developed your own unique style and can go on to work as an independent illustrator and image creator, work at a studio or in collaboration with creators from various disciplines.

Illustrator: freelance or employed

The work done by graduates of Illustration Design is characterised by a great diversity of expression forms (regarding both style and media) and encompasses a variety of areas. Some examples:

  • An illustrated app for chronically sick children in hospital.
  • Artisanal illustrations on products developed for independent pop-up stores.
  • Critical political cartoons in national and international newspapers and magazines.
  • Animations for theatre or music productions.
  • Personal and poetic publications published by small publishing houses.
  • Informative illustrations for educational programmes
  • Deep, symbolic comics at comic festivals.
  • Child-friendly illustrations in children’s books.
  • Interactive design artwork at festivals.
  • Autonomous work at exhibitions.
  • experimental images in independent magazines, etc.

We offer graduates starter guidance, which is advice for setting up their own company.