Fine Art Arnhem (BEAR)

Base for Art, Experiment & Research Tutors

Base for Art, Experiment & Research Tutors

Your tutor will be your permanent supervisor from the first year until you leave the academy.


Speed dates with tutors
Speed dates with tutors

He or she will be your artistic mainstay and will coach you in the development of your work and the organisation of your studies. Your tutor group consists of students from all the programme years. Your tutor will be a prominent artist who holds a distinct position in the world of international art.

Our tutors are:

Alicia Framis: Performance

Gijs Assmann:Crafts and Materiality

Hester Oerlemans: Art and Design

Vincent Vulsma*: Conceptual Art

Korrie Besems: Facts & Fiction

Edwin Zwakman: Context and Installations

Johan Wagenaar: Critical Practice 

 Fine Art (BEAR)Tutors Edwin Zwakman & Hester Oerlemans during Berlin study trip