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Dance Preparatory Course

  • Preparatory course
  • 1 year minimum
  • Dutch
  • Enschede

The ArtEZ Dance Preparatory Course enables young dancers from primary school year 7 onwards to combine school with professional dance training.

Dance Preparatory Course

In brief

  • You can also take the ArtEZ Dance Preparatory Course in Arnhem and Venlo. All preparatory courses have the same goal: to develop your physical and mental skills as a dancer
  • Follow professional dance lessons and obtain your secondary school certificate at the Stedelijk Lyceum Kottenpark
  • For up-and-coming and top talent from primary school year 7 onwards 
  • Coaching in a professional setting by passionate dance lecturers  
  • Aimed at individuality in dance, but with a solid basis in various dance techniques so you can develop further in all kinds of dance styles
  • Healthy, natural physical and mental development as a dancer, appropriate to your age, abilities and way of learning
  • You will be introduced to the many career opportunities in the dance profession through weekly guest lessons

Orientation class for young dancers

In dance it is important to start preparing at a young age. Do you already know that you want to become a professional dancer, dance lecturer or choreographer? Or do you love dancing, but you do not yet know what you would like to do with it? At ArtEZ you can already start with the orientation class in years 7 and 8 of primary school. It is the perfect way to find out whether you aspire to a career in dance. After the orientation phase, you can audition for the Dance Preparatory Course for secondary school students.

More about the orientation class

Internet-Muziek- en dansavond, Lieke Torenvlied, Justina Koffi en Luna Karnebeek: foto Bert Holtmann

Combine school with intensive dance training

At a regular secondary school it is often difficult to combine intensive dance training with school. We are part of the Stedelijk Lyceum Kottenpark in Enschede. This school for HAVO (senior general secondary education), VWO (pre-university education) and Grammar School is one of the twelve DaMu (dance and music) schools in the Netherlands. Here, young talents can follow a modified curriculum in Art Classes, which allows you – in addition to all the dance classes, projects and performances that are part of the Dance Preparatory Course – to ‘just’ obtain your school certificate. 

More about the curriculum

More about admission and application

After the preparatory course, you are well prepared for admission to the Dance and Dance in Education bachelor courses.

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